brie larson
Credit: John Shearer / Getty

It’s been a rough year in trolls, from Zendaya dealing with body shaming to Gabby Douglas opening up about her own misogynistic, racist hate, and, probably most notably, Leslie Jones getting such aggressive messages that fans rushed to support her, and to push for a change in Twitter’s policies. Yesterday, though, Brie Larson dropped some wisdom that encouraged us to think beyond the language of “trolls” and call it what it is: straight-up hate.

In the Tweet, the actress wrote, “The feeling you get from trolling someone on Twitter is what I call adrenalized loneliness.”

Otherwise known as our absolute favorite term, because, yes, that’s exactly what it is. Brie totally got this right. It’s horrible people getting an adrenaline rush from stepping away from their loneliness and into the world by ruining people’s days, weeks, and, sometimes, their lives by sending blast after blast of racism, sexism, homophobia, and more to destroy their confidence and drive them to silence.

“I’m sorry you feel alone,” she tweeted. “Hurting others won’t fix it.”

Whether trolls do what they do because they’re loneliness, live empty lives, or are simply seeking to create drama where there really doesn’t need to be any, they are cruel and harmful humans, and it’s way beyond time for them to recognize that hurting people is not okay, and harming people, no matter why you’re doing it, isn’t excusable.

Thanks for speaking out about this, Brie Larson. We send our kudos.