Steph Barnes
October 14, 2017 2:51 pm
Michael Tran/Getty Images

In November of 2016, it felt like the light of America dimmed just a little bit. That less than welcomed change, coupled with an increase in natural disasters — from hurricanes to wildfires — and the struggles faced by marginalized communities worldwide, make it hard to remain hopeful. But Brie Larson has an inspiring message, and we’re definitely listening.

With being a celebrity comes many adoring fans and maybe a couple “haters” but perhaps the most important thing that comes with being in the public’s eye is a giant platform. It’s one Brie Larson has put to use before, sparking conversations about sexism, harrassment, and Hollywood. And now she’s doing it again on her newest Instagram.

Brie Larson wants to change the world, and we’re so with her.

The Short Term 12 actress posted this adorable photo of herself and her pup to Instagram, with a message we think everyone needs to hear.

Brie highlighted many of the recent issues plaguing America and other countries around the world.

She pointed out how learning of disasters and traumatic incidents stick with us, and how this has started to feel like our new normal. With every news cycle, or every time we open our social media apps, we’re reminded that people need help and the world needs real change. She went on to thank her fans for their support and their commitment to making the word a better place. And shared what she described as a “deep responsibility for the well being of all who enter my life…”

Brie Larson also highlighted the importance of self-care.

Because it can be so easy to forget to love on ourselves while trying to help those around us.

Larson closed by pointing out the importance of sticking together. #resist

We honestly couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Brie’s message of hope and unity is exactly what we needed today.