Jill Layton
March 02, 2017 2:01 pm
Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

With all the craziness that happened at the Oscars last Sunday, you may have missed that one extremely good-looking fella was missing from the audience. That’s right — Brad Pitt missed the Oscars, even though he technically should have been there.

Pitt’s production company Plan B Entertainment produced the award-winning Moonlight. You know, the beyond incredible film that lost Best Picture for two minutes to La La Land, but then won after producers, stage hands, Warren Beatty, and everyone in-between realized the mistake.

Since the Oscars are the most prestigious award show of the year, you’d think Pitt would have made it a priority to attend the ceremony in support of the film he produced.

Plan B Entertainment

But nope. He was busy making art.

That’s right, Pitt didn’t attend the Oscars because he was held up in Los Angeles at well-known British artist Thomas Houseago’s Frogtown studio making a sculpture, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Apparently, Pitt had been working on the sculpture for nearly 10 days when the Oscars rolled around. So we get it. (It’s hard to stop a project when you’re knee-deep in your own creativity.)

To be fair, Pitt did attend the Golden Globes. And the truth is, Pitt has probably been to roughly 567 award shows in his lifetime (give or take). Plus, he’s had a bit of a tumultuous year with his very public divorce from Angelina Jolie — even though he’s kept a pretty low profile since the announcement was made.

So in our minds, he totally gets a pass.