Turns out the cast of Harry Potter gets just as jazzed about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as we do. Actress Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny Weasley, just posted an adorable photo of herself at the theme park.

Bonnie, who is now 26, shared the snap on her Instagram. She wrote:

Look at that butterbeer. Yeah, we’re pretty jealous.

Bonnie Wright has certainly been busy since her Harry Potter days, so she definitely deserved some time off to return to her roots.

In the six years since the series ended, she has continued sharpening her acting chops. She has also started directing, writing, and modeling. She recently finished promoting a webseries she co-created called Phone Calls, which debuted at Tribeca Film Festival.

She said while Ginny will always be a role that helped define her as an actress, reflecting on it is a bit like looking back nostalgically after graduating from school. Like all important formative experiences, she’s continuing to grow and evolve.

We totally understand that. After all, that’s what high school reunions (or visits to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter park) are for. They allow you to return to your old stomping grounds and reflect on how you’ve grown.