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Being pregnant is no doubt taxing on a woman’s body. But being pregnant mid summer in New York City’s sweltering heat? Well that’s some superhero stuff.

Blake Lively stopped by The Tonight Show on Friday and opened up to Jimmy Fallon about what it’s like being pregnant when it’s so uncomfortably hot outside.

Spoiler alert: It sucks.

“It should be illegal to be pregnant in New York in July,” she joked with Fallon. “I’m going to make my water break just to cool down.”

“Everybody says ‘How are you feeling?’ but they don’t really want to hear how you’re feeling,” she added. “They don’t want to sit there while you complain, so you guys get to sit here while I complain.”

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Lively is expecting baby number two with husband Ryan Reynolds. Their daughter James was born on December 16, 2014 — so the heat wasn’t so much a factor in Lively’s first pregnancy. But it most definitely is now.

Both Lively and Reynolds have notoriously great senses of humor, so there’s no doubt that there’s a humor in their home to try and keep her mind off the discomfort. Plus, he’s like crazy in love with her (and it’s mutual and oh-so-cute). So we would imagine Reynolds probably pretty attentive towards his beautiful wife (and having a hunky, successful man doting on you is probably not the worst thing in the world… even despite all the heat).

Check out the interview full interview to see just how delightful Lively is (despite her obvious discomfort thanks to the heat):