Olivia Harvey
October 03, 2017 7:49 am

Blake Lively calls her portrayal of a blind woman who regains her sight in All I See Is You, “the performance that [she’s] most proud of.” But Lively — who had a rule against nude scenes — almost never read the script because her team assumed she would pass on the project since it called for nudity.

But Lively didn’t end up wanting to talk Forster out of removing the scene. She thought it was handled perfectly, and appreciated why it was necessary.

According to Cosmopolitan.com, Lively’s breasts don’t actually make an appearance in the film, but the movie definitely shows more of the actress than we’re used to seeing.

Not only did Lively step into new waters with a nude scene, but she also immersed herself in the experience of being blind in order to portray the character as authentically as possible. She consulted blind friends and wore blackout glasses to better understand the experience.

Check out Lively overcoming fears and obstacles (onscreen and off) in All I See Is You on October 27th.