Alyssa Thorne
Updated Jan 12, 2017 @ 1:34 pm
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Since they’re clearly not a couple who get much time to themselves, we imagine Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ kids keep their hands full at all times. More importantly, we imagine Blake Lively’s hands are even fuller, with three kids to take care of (their two children, plus Ryan. Let’s be real. Anybody with Deadpool on the brain needs a babysitter, dreamy or no.) Like most mothers, though, Blake has obviously found ways to unwind in her rare downtime, and now she’s shared it to Instagram.

We love how relatable the Lively-Reynolds household seems to be (have you SEEN Ryan’s tweets about their kids because ohmygod), and this is no different. When her kids are napping, Blake spends her time staging iPhone photoshoots of her nails.

Her caption reads:

Kids or no, this is pretty much how we spend our downtime anyway. Gotta find the perfect angle and lighting and excuse to post a self-indulgent picture, are we right or are we right? Since Blake and Ryan seem like a couple of truly nice people leading normal — if not particularly fabulous and successful — lives, we always love additional confirmation that we’d be best friends if we hung out.

That’s really the point of this story, if we’re honest. We just want to put it out there to Blake Lively that if she wants somebody to help her take pictures of her uber fab nails, we’re available ANY TIME, girl. Any. Time.