Angelica Florio
Updated October 16, 2017

Jimmy Fallon has a way of bringing out people’s competitive streaks. And on Friday night, he did just that. On The Tonight Show, Blake Lively and Jimmy Fallon competed in a dance battle. As usual, things got pretty heated, because Fallon never holds back. It turns out, Blake Lively doesn’t hold back either. She ended up dancing so hard, she skinned her knee!

Here’s how it all went down: Fallon and Lively took turns using the Dance Move Generator to make up random dances on the spot. The invented new moves such as the “Catching the Bouquet” and the “Trying to Pretend You Don’t Have a Wedgie.” (We’ve all been there.)

When it was Lively’s turn to create the “Ballerina Who Keeps Dropping Marbles,” she seriously went for it. She was so committed to her craft, she banged up her knee!

This had to hurt, but Blake didn’t even flinch.

Based on Lively’s post-show Instagram pics, she handled her battle wound like a champ.

It looks pretty painful and it brings us back to our childhood when skinned knees were a common — and terrible — occurrence. Hopefully, hubby Ryan Reynolds was nearby to kiss her booboo and give her a lollipop.

Despite her injury, Lively finished strong with an epic “Riverdancing Frankenstein” duet.

Lively and Fallon’s commitment to their dances makes for a pretty hilarious video.

Even though the actress didn’t leave the competition unscathed, she did show us just how committed to winning she is. And that’s something to respect. Plus, it can always cheer us up when we need to see some ridiculous dance moves. As Lively said in one of her Instagram captions, her appearance on the show offered us moments that “can’t be deleted from the internet, like ever.”

Yeah, injuring yourself during a dance battle is definitely is something that Chuck Bass might hold as blackmail against Serena van der Woodsen. But for Lively, it’s just more reason to love her.

But for Lively, it’s just more reason to love her.

Lively sure does live up to her last name, and her dance-off showed us all just that.