Credit: Brian Ach/Getty Images

Hands down, Blake Lively is one of our favorite people. Her Instagram posts are often really funny (proving she’s basically the funniest mom on social media), but more importantly she’s always SO positive.

Plus, she’s a huge supporter of women and children. Earlier this year she supported the Together Women Can campaign, and her latest post promotes Carly Yoost and her company Child Rescue Coalition, which arrests sexual predators and works tirelessly to help children who have been victimized.

We couldn’t think of something more worthy to get behind, and it’s great to see Lively getting out there and spreading the word about this program at the Women of Worth event (where Lively was recognized as an honoree). Just look at these good vibes!

The more people who get behind this cause the better, so thank you to Blake Lively for spreading the word.

Keep being our champion, Blake!