Channing Sargent
August 29, 2016 3:02 pm
Paper Magazine

Prepare yourselves: just as Kim Kardashian broke the internet in 2014, Blac Chyna may be doing the same today. The expecting 28-year-old bares all on the cover of the Beautiful People Class of 2016 issue of Paper magazine. Posing in nothing but bridal accessories and the glory of a full baby bump, Chyna’s all aglow with expectant motherhood and appears positively angelic.

Chyna channeling her inner fertility goddess.

Chyna and the Romantic Era.


Slay a thousand times.

The star of E!’s upcoming series Rob & Chyna, the model and hip-hop video veteran has been baring her all – metaphorically speaking – for cameras with fiance Rob Kardashian. The trailer for the series shows them expressing their love for each other, while struggling with the pressures of planning a family. “I fell in love with you because I know how good you are and how loyal you are,” Rob says in a tender moment, which is then interrupted by a jump cut to Chyna erupting in anger over his supposed inappropriate texts (sent not to her).

Uh, after seeing these photos, we’re sure Rob won’t have eyes for anyone else.