Kenya Foy
Updated January 30, 2017

Let’s get this week off to a wonderful start in the simplest way possible: by obsessing over Blac Chyna’s Snapchat of Rob Kardashian fawning over baby Dream. Watching babies do baby stuff is a tried-and-true mood booster (see: Dream dancing to “Santa Baby”), so prepare to spend the rest of your day with a euphoric, mile-wide grin plastered across your face.

You’ll probably look a little strange to passersby, but it’s probably because they’re unfamiliar with the potency of babies and their manipulating smiles. Besides, awkward, uncontrollable (and eventually painful) grinning all day long is a small price to pay see baby Dream wearing a black top striped leggings while sitting on her dad’s lap, looking cute as ever.

According to US Weekly, Chyna and Rob shared the sweet, doting moments over the weekend but didn’t bother including a caption. If we had to write one for them, it would be a shamelessly mushy, fangirlish type hashtag along the lines of #mybabyistoocuteforwords #icant #GAH, followed by a bunch of heart eyes emojis.

Clearly, Kardashian is obsessed with his baby girl, and we totally don’t blame him. In the aftermath of all that drama that went down between Chyna and Kardashian, we breath a deep sigh of relief every time they share one of these adorable posts.

Not only does Baby Dream Rob have wearing THE biggest smile ever, but it’s clear that the reality star couple are prioritizing their 2-month-old daughter’s needs over everything, and we look forward to seeing more of their happy family moments.