Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Dressing up on Halloween is kind of a requirement, and for many people it’s a chance to channel their inner-creativity.This year, Blac Chyna went all out. Bet you didn’t expect this though…

People let us know that Chyna dressed up as Rob Kardashian for Halloween. As in, her fiancé.

Although these two have been on the rocks lately, this hilarious move is more in line with the sweeter side of their relationship, like their cute reaction to feeling their baby move and when Kardashian was so supportive of Chyna’s maternity pics.

And there is a definite benefit to dressing up as your boo: no need to go digging in the attic for dress-up boxes, or venturing out on a stressful last-minute trip to the costume store. Genius.

You’ve got to watch this video, because Chyna’s friend is dressed up as her — and they’re both trying desperately to escape the “paparazzi.”

As well as donning Kardashian’s signature Dodgers cap and black sweatpants, she really nailed some of the finer details in her costume.

That facial hair! OMG. And she even got crafty with the slippers.

There have been a lot of brilliant costumes this year, but damn, Chyna is giving them a run for their money. Her playful sense of humor really shines through here, and we dig it!

If there’s a wave of couples dressing as each other next Halloween, we’ll definitely know where the trend started.