Caitlin Gallagher
Updated Mar 08, 2017 @ 12:51 pm
Billie Lourd
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

One incredible woman is sadly missing this International Women’s Day since her passing in December — Carrie Fisher. But her own incredible daughter, Billie Lourd, honored her mom on this day that’s all about women. In an Instagram post, Lourd shared an old picture of her mom with their initials on it and used one of Fisher’s greatest quotes for a truly inspirational caption.

Only a few months have passed since Fisher’s death, but Lourd took March 8th to give all of her mom’s fans a gift of feminism. Although the “BL ❤️ CF” message on the photo that Lourd shared on Instagram is heartbreaking, the caption is actually one of female empowerment since it says:

This quote is actually from Fisher’s book Wishful Drinking. And though it can be applied to all people, it definitely resonates with women — especially on International Women’s Day, a day that’s all about the contributions women have made to the world.

Fisher was an outspoken feminist icon and, as this quote shows, she epitomized the theme of 2017 International Women’s Day — “Be Bold for Change.”

The message behind this quote is that even when you’ve reached a goal, you shouldn’t give up or stop pursuing greater success. And it can most definitely be applied to women’s battle for equality.

Since we know that Lourd must still be hurting, we feel so grateful to her for reminding us of the feminist inspiration that was her mother on International Women’s Day.