Credit: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

First thing’s first — congratulations to the Cubs! They lifted the curse, and truly made history last night. But of course, it’s sad to see the baseball season end. Big fan Bill Murray demonstrated such kindness during Cubs games throughout the season, so it’s a bummer that we have to wait a bit to witness more dedicated fans doing good. (Surely it’s just in Bill Murray’s nature, but hey — we spotted him an awful lot during those Cubs games.)

For example, on Tuesday, Murray gave a ticket up to a stranger before the game started. Even better, that stranger had the seat right next to Murray, and formed somewhat of a friendship with the actor throughout the game.

It’s no surprise, really, but — supposedly Murray is just a really cool dude.

Entertainment Weekly reports the fan being named Karen Michel. Michel is a huge fan of the Cubs, and was hoping to possibly score a last-minute ticket to the sixth game at the last minute. Instead, she bumped in Bill Murray, who offered one up for free.

Michel also got a chance to know the actor a bit bitter. It’s good to know she wasn’t shy when asking questions!

Who knows? Maybe Michel was the good luck charm that the Cubs needed to win. During last night’s game, they won the World Series — and of course, Murray was quite happy about it!

We can’t wait to see him in the stands again next year!