Bethany Biron
Updated Dec 18, 2016 @ 1:34 pm
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There’s a lot of pressure on Secret Santa gift giving. But what happens when if your Secret Santa happens to be one of the wealthiest (and most generous) men on the planet? Because for one lucky woman, Bill Gates was her Secret Santa. And it was epic.

Reddit user Aerrix participated in Reddit’s Secret Santa, now in its eighth year with more than 100,000 participants, one of which included Bill Gates himself.

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In her note she recalls the experience of arriving home to a massive box inscribed with her Reddit name.

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Along with the photo was a signed note from Mr. Gates.

And as if that weren’t enough holiday cheer, he also made sure she get credit for doing good to others during this season of giving.

So sweet!

In her Secret Santa profile, Aerrix noted that she loves video games, especially Legends of Zelda, Mario, League of Legends, and anything Little Mermaid or Harry Potter. Let’s just say Gates certainly had this covered.

The first thing she opened was matching Zelda gloves for herself, and her dog, Claire.

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Too cute.

She also received three special edition wireless XBox controllers as well as an Xbox One Minecraft Edition, with another special note from Gates expression his shared enthusiasm for the console.

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Other gifts included a Cajun cookbook because her profile mentioned she hails from Louisiana, and a Zelda blanket that she had been eyeing for several months. Gates also clearly has a sense of humor, since he sent her a beaded Zelda picture frame with a photo of Aerrix, Claire and her husband, with himself Photoshopped in, all wearing Santa hats.

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She also received several movies and video games, among other awesome things.

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She jokes in her post that she “won Secret Santa.” And, though she may be playing around, we’d totally agree that she actually did.

And now we all have a reason to love Bill Gates (aka a real life Santa Claus) even more.