“Big Bang Theory’s” Johnny Galecki has a very interesting nickname

Terrible nicknames happen to the best of us. It’s just what happens when the people who love and care about us are also hilarious. Perfect example of what we’re talking about: The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki revealed his nickname, and we can’t stop LOL-ing.

On Tuesday, Galecki stopped by The Late Late Show with James CordenHe happened to be a guest alongside Sting, who is about to embark on another world tour to promote his new album 57th and 9th. Obviously, sitting next to Sting is crazy exciting in and of itself, but it got especially exciting when James Corden asked Sting about the very first time he played in the states. The musician then recalled a story about playing in New York at CBGB’s.

Right after, Corden asked Galecki about the first concert he ever went to, to which he replied, “The INXS for the Kick tour. It was thrilling. They were my favorite band at the time. I lost a shoe, which is always a sign of a good concert.”

The next natural question asked by Corden was of course, “How did you lose a shoe?”

"Remember those Reebok Pumps and they were all the rage at the time?" Galecki asked. "I got jumped — three guys jumped me for my shoes. And I was very proud that they only got away with one of them. And so I regaled my schoolyard friends with this the next day, that they only got one. But then that christened me with the nickname 'One Pump.'"

“That’ll happen,” Sting chimed in.

“Yeah, still living that down,” Galecki added. Together with Corden, he realized that the nickname has hilariously bad connotations.

Check out the clip:


Moral of the story: Nicknames are like bad tattoos. They never go away, and the story always gets funnier every time.