Lauren Saccone
Updated February 12, 2017

Despite what many have claimed over the years, it looks like Beyoncé is the one who very nearly broke the internet. When the singer announced that she was expecting twins — with a dreamy and surreal photo collection — the internet collectively lost its mind. The images went viral, and Beyoncé once again made a lasting impression on the world. And now the unforgettable images from Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement have been remixed in a thoroughly original way, turning Queen Bey into a literal work of art.

Beyoncé’s image has been immortalized in a stunning mural in Australia. Street artist Lushsux took the iconic star and transformed her into a five-story work of art.

Lushsux began shopping around for the appropriate space as soon as the photos hit social media. And less than a week later, the five-story building had been updated with the flawless image of Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement.

This isn’t the first time that the street artist has turned celebrities into works of art: Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Prince are just a few of the stars that have appeared in his work. But the Beyoncé mural is one of the most impressive yet, not just for its size and the speed with which it was created, but for its truly epic subject matter.

Just further proof that nobody does a pregnancy announcement quite like the inimitable Queen Bey.