It’s no secret that the world has been certifiably FREAKING OUT over Beyoncé’s baby news (because…Bey. And also, TWINS!). And we just found out that Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement has broken an Instagram record — officially solidifying it as the stuff of legends.

That’s right ladies and gents: The baby announcement photo has more likes than any other post in Instagram history.

How many likes might that be, you ask? It currently, as of 8:30 a.m EST, is coming in at almost eight million. This means it’s far surpassed the previous record holder — AKA that photo of Selena Gomez sipping a coke from June 2016, which garnered 6.3 million likes (we don’t claim to understand the mysteries of the internet…we just report on it).

And, in case you somehow missed the photo from yesterday, because, we don’t know, you’ve been living in a cave, and you lost the cave’s wifi password, here it is in all its Bey Baby Bump glory:

We be like this right now:

The photo had 6.3 million likes within the first eight hours of being posted Wednesday, and currently has over 380,000 comments.

Members of Beyoncé’s family have also publicly commented on the blessed news, like this adorable message from mom Tina Knowles.

“WOW I don’t have to keep the secret anymore😀I am soooo happy,” she wrote.

And seriously, what a secret this was. ALSO, Queen Bey has released a few more photos for us to feast our eyes on. And yes, we’re losing it.

Needless to say, CONGRATULATIONS to the growing Knowles-Carter family. We are so beyond excited about this development, and seriously cannot wait until these twins grace us with their presence.