Angelica Florio
February 04, 2017 3:53 pm
Richard Cartwright/Getty Images

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement was the Instagram seen around the world, and celebrities have taken note. While many have expressed their excitement and congratulations via Twitter, others have taken their celebrations to greater extremes, like the Grey’s Anatomy stars who recreated Beyoncé’s photo shoot together. Yes, Ellen Pompeo celebrated Camilla Luddington’s own pregnancy the day after she announced that she’s having a girl in the most relatable way. (Who wasn’t texting all their pregnant girlfriends asking them if they’d like to partake in a Bey-inspired photoshoot this week?)

The result is a truly hilarious video and it can now be declared that Pompeo is as big of a Beyoncé fan as the rest of the world. Watch as she aggressively (hysterically) directs a reluctant Luddington in the recreation:

In the Instagram video, Luddington seems reluctant to duplicate Beyonce’s now iconic pregnancy pic, but Pompeo has no doubt that it’s the perfect way to celebrate a simultaneous pregnancy. Because of course it is. 

The caption read, “arguing over whether this is really necessary.” But we totally know that the Grey’s ladies are having the time of their lives. In fact, their recreation actually looks pretty similar to the Queen Bey’s, so maybe Pompeo has a knack for this type of thing. The Hollywood Reporter recently reported that Pompeo will be directing Grey’s Anatomy this year for the first time, but something tells us that she has a knack for bossing actresses around— and having fun while doing it.

Grey’s Anatomy hairstylist Sha Page was also in attendance. Her caption for the shoot read, 

Hopefully Beyoncé sees the Instagram homage because it seems like Camilla would be a great person to go through pregnancy with:

As Luddington celebrated a pregnancy milestone, she wrote on Instagram:

That’s so sweet, we wish the best for all the pregnant ladies out there whether they’re Beyoncé or Beyoncé adorers.