Leave it to super fans to read between the lines! That would explain why Beyoncé fans flipped when they read the caption of Tina Knowles Lawson’s latest Instagram post. They believed that she may have revealed the sex of daughter Beyoncé’s twins!

The photo itself captures Lawson with daughter Bey and family friend/former Destiny’s Child member, Kelly Rowland. All three women look fabulous, per usual. Beyoncé, who cancelled her appearance at Coachella due to her pregnancy, looks healthy, happy, and very pregnant. But it wasn’t the picture itself that peaked curiosity amongst fans. It was Lawson’s caption that made fans wonder. She wrote,

This mystery requires some middle school math skills. If this photo depicts 3/4 of Lawson’s girls that would mean Lawson is referring to Kelly, Beyoncé, and another mystery girl. Who could that third girl be? Perhaps one (or both) of Bey’s twins?

One commenter with the Instagram name, pheobymontari, pointed this fact out.

Credit: Tina Knowles Lawson /

Other fans weighed in, agreeing that this theory could be a possibility. But Lawson could have been referring to Michelle? Or maybe Blue?

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Don’t worry, pheobymontari. You’re not paranoid. You actually raise a really good point! Msshellyt on Instagram also thought that the caption must mean that Bey is having twin girls.

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And queening_4life also put their Sherlock Holmes hat on to investigate the mysterious caption.

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But there were fans who played Devil’s Advocate and explained that Bianca was actually there with Tina, Kelly, and Bey, but simply not pictured in the Instagram photo.

Credit: Tina Knowles Lawson /
Credit: Tina Knowles Lawson /

Another investigator thought that Lawson just made an error in her caption.

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Unfortunately, the case has yet to be closed. We’ll either have to wait for Lawson to provide fans with clarification, or wait a few more months until Bey’s twins arrive!