Credit: Win McNamee / Getty Images

The election is only FOUR days away and both campaigns are in serious Get Out The Vote mode. For Hillary Clinton, the Get Out The Vote strategy involves the closest thing to American royalty, Beyoncé and Jay Z, performing at a Clinton rally. It was previously announced that Jay Z would be holding a free concert on November 4th at Cleveland State University and now it’s being reported that Beyoncé will join him. THIS IS WHAT WE DESERVE FOR SURVIVING THIS ELECTION YEAR.

While the couple have been privately supporting Clinton for a while, Beyoncé was at a fundraiser for Clinton last year and the duo have donated to the Clinton campaign, this concert is their most visible show of support for the Democratic presidential candidate.

The couple had previously spent time with former president Bill Clinton at Jay Z’s Made in America Festival this past summer.

Credit: Adam Schultz / Hillary For America

In addition to Jay Z and Beyoncé, Ohio native John Legend, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and The National, who are all vocal Clinton supporters, are also slated to perform at the free concert. Additionally, Lebron James, who wrote an essay endorsing Clinton, is making an appearance at the concert.

The event in Ohio, which is generally a critical swing state in presidential elections, is part of the Clinton campaign’s attempt to get Ohioans to vote early. The Clinton campaign, which has struggled with attracting millennials and African-American voters, is hoping that help from some of the biggest names in the music industry persuade voters in an increasingly tight race.

With only a few more days before the election, getting people mobilized to vote is incredibly important. With millions already voting through early voting and absentee ballots, reminding people of their civic duty is crucial.

We’re so jealous of all the Ohioans for getting to hear the angelic voice of Queen Bey and we hope that the concert persuades people to vote. We only have a few more days to make our voices heard in the historic 2016 election, so make sure you go out and vote!