Madison Vanderberg
August 07, 2017 12:26 pm

Roller skating has always seemed like one of those dorky pastimes that we do ~for laughs~. Except when Beyoncé does it, it becomes worthy of a music video shoot. Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and friends hit up World on Wheels skating rink in Venice, California over the weekend, and it truly looked like the most fun ever.

Apparently, the crew hit up the rink on Friday night, but Beyoncé was gracious enough to gift us with this edited compilation of the evening.

This casual Instagram video could double as a music video. Seriously.

Also does this still from the video prove that Beyoncé has a SNAPCHAT!? (This isn’t the first time Beyoncé has grammed something using a Snapchat filter, WHAT IS HER SNAP NAME!?!?)

Beyoncé tried to go incognito in jeans and a black top, but fans were going nuts that Queen Bey was just skating amongst the regulars. We’re surprised she didn’t have to shut down the rink to attend. #FamousPeopleProblems

She was just waving at fans, no problem.

Jay-Z did not skate, however. Do your thing, Jay.

TFW you learn Beyoncé is just like you trying to adjust to weird old-school roller skates.

We love how Bey and Jay go on super regular dates just like any other couple. Here they are having date night at a sushi restaurant in West Hollywood.


All hail the ~just like us~ King and Queen of music.