Major fangirl alert: A massive Beyoncé fan just bought the singer’s Formation tour microphone for an incredible amount of money. Before we completely blow your minds by revealing the number of stacks required to get your hands on such a prized piece of Bey’s Formation tour memorabilia, there’s a sweet back story behind this purchase that has us feeling like we may have just come across the most ah-mazing mother on the planet.

As Uproxx reports, fan of Queen Bey and mother-of-the-year candidate Cece Hendriks dropped $11,000 on the “Lemonade” singer’s golden microphone, which was auctioned off at Tina Knowles’ Wearable Art Gala event in Los Angeles. But get this: She’s not even gonna keep it for herself. Instead, she plans to give it to her son Jordan for his 13th birthday in August.

This masterful example of motherhood has us at a loss for words. That’s probably because we’re crying too hard to speak.

If you’re still gagging over Bey’s flashback video from the Formation tour (SAME), we don’t know if you’re ready for this close-up shot of Hendriks’ autographed microphone, but we’re gonna unveil this dazzling piece of sonic equipment at the risk of inducing a full-fledged meltdown.

Here’s Hendriks posing with her new mic and Bey’s fabulous mom:

TFW you literally woke up like this:

Dammit, y’all. What a lucky kid! Always stay gracious, Jordan, because the best revenge is your (mom’s) paper.