Kenya Foy
March 23, 2017 5:28 pm

Imagine answering your phone to hear Beyoncé on the line. Would you a) freak TF out and throw your phone in utter fangirl disbelief, b) try to play it cool, or c) profess your undying love for Queen Bey like this sick fan she surprised with a FaceTime call?

We’re going to have to go with the option of excitedly destroying our phones, but Houston high school senior Ebony Banks had a much more down-to-Earth reaction to a virtual meetup with Beyoncé, and our hearts are bursting over the sweet exchange and the heartfelt backstory that brought it to fruition.

According to Billboard, Banks is battling a rare stage four cancer and has spent most of the school year in the hospital. Nicknamed “Ebob,” she was recently honored in an early graduation ceremony thrown by the school district, but her friends and classmates from Alief Hastings High took their support to another level by launching the social media campaign #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE, which went viral and ultimately got the singer’s attention.

Ebony’s friends told local news station KIAH that meeting Beyoncé would be a dream come true for the ailing student, and on Wednesday, the Lemonade singer made the wish a reality.

In the brief clip shared online by Bey’s fan account Beylite, the pair exchanged “I love yous” as the singer gleefully waved and smiled.

We are eternally grateful for celebs who take the time to grant wishes to sick fans in the hospital because these simple, heartfelt gestures go a long way. This has to be the best graduation gift ever, and we’re sure this is a moment Ebony, her loved ones and classmates will never forget.