Kenya Foy
Updated Feb 24, 2017 @ 1:08 pm

Hai, faithful Beyhive members! How goes it? Well, we kind of already know the answer to that question, but here’s Beyoncé and Blue Ivy adorably posing on Instagram, which is the first post Queen Bey shared since she told the world that she’s pregnant with twins.

While Bey and Blue looking cute as ever is pretty much business as usual for the fabulously flawless mom-daughter duo, we were *hoping* to make you crack a smile through those tears and runny noses because everyone knows how busted up you are over the fact that Beyoncé pulled out of her Coachella performance.

Even though these heartbroken reactions to Bey dropping out of Coachella reveal how extremely upset everyone is over the news, don’t worry yourselves silly: Bey still totally ~lurves~ y’all, and this sweet photo is definitive proof.

Plus, it’s a major distraction because as she makes obvious with the deer filter, Beyoncé has a secret Snapchat, and now the entirety of the internet has banded together in the hopes that their collective sleuthing skills can unearth the “Formation” singer’s username.

The finding Bey’s Snapchat struggle is real, y’all.

Ugh, how frustrating is this?! Still though, it isn’t lost on us how extremely crafty Bey has been about all of this. First of all, let’s just start with how she managed to hide her baby bump. She was totally preggers in this pic and we had no friggin’ idea.

Notice how she wore all black and has Blue as her wingwoman of distraction. Plus, who can possibly look away from Mariah Carey AND Dem Babies?!? Srsly, there was way too much glam to focus on in this photo, and now we know that was done on purpose. Well played, Bey.

Then there’s the fact that she conveniently shared this most recent Snap (oh yes, there’s at least one other secret Beyoncé Snapchat post floating around out there) around the same time the internet was having its Coachella meltdown. This woman is beyond clever.

Anyway, we hope this makes everyone feel better. Good luck finding Bey’s Snapchat and be sure to thank her for giving you guys something to do while you wait on her to birth these babies and get back to the business of headlining Coachella in 2018.