Alyssa Thorne
September 06, 2017 3:33 pm

As we all know, this past weekend was a national holiday — Beyoncé’s birthday. And obviously that means Beyoncé had a birthday cake. Simple logic and knowing that Beyoncé is the coolest lady on earth leads us to assume this cake was awesome. And now, we have proof that we were totally right.

The Cake Life Bake Shop in Philadelphia received a fairly anonymous call to make a black and gold birthday cake in the “geode” style. But nothing stays anonymous for long with the internet at your disposal. Lilly Fischer, the cake shop owner, quickly realized the request came from Beyoncé’s team.

Lilly Fischer and co. clearly got over any starstruck feelings they had, because they SO delivered. Bey-hold, the icon’s birthday cake:

Lilly and her team reacted like any mere mortal would when asked to serve the Queen.

We imagine that the cake must have been extra amazing, because not only was it made with love, but it was nurtured by Beyoncé’s very own tunes. (Baking a cake is like growing a plant or a baby, right? You play music and it makes them better? Related: Don’t ask us to bake you a cake.)

When making the cake, Fischer said she “wanted to keep it classy and cool. Everything was Queen Bey-ified, if you will.” We will. We totally will.