Amanda Malamut
Updated March 06, 2017

Ever since Beyoncé announced she was pregnant, the internet has been buzzing. And now that the due date for her twins is getting closer, people are speculating about what she’s going to name her already-famous babies. Will she stick with the color theme like their big sister has or do something completely unexpected? Now that Queen Bey posted new pictures, the Beyhive is once again searching for clues that will give us some insight.

Beyoncé posted a montage to Instagram showing herself in a stunning form-fitting, full-length green dress and a collection of emerald and ruby-type stone-covered jewelry.

We all want to know if there is a deeper meaning to these images. Is she is just showing off how amazing she is or do the pictures contain hints into her baby names?

Beyoncé has given us hints about different things through social media in the past. It wouldn’t be a surprise that people are trying to look for hidden clues. Many fans seem to think that Emerald and Ruby are the frontrunners for the twin’s names thanks to these possible pictorial hints.

Of course, we’re all just guessing at this point.

But we do know that Beyoncé doesn’t post or release anything on a whim. She was able to release two albums without anyone knowing. So it makes sense that these images have some future significance. But, of course, she might just want us to keep guessing. And that is totally okay with us.

We probably have more than two months to continue the guessing game, giving Beyoncé plenty of time to post more images to dissect. So grab your sleuthing hats and magnifying glass, maybe you’ll be the one to crack the case!