Madison Vanderberg
Updated October 09, 2017

If you recall during Riverdale Season 1, we found out that Betty Cooper has an older brother. Betty’s mom Alice had a child in high school and put him up for adoption, which means that Betty has a long lost brother somewhere out there in the world. Blessed be the CW Gods, because we’ll get to meet said brother midway through Season 2.

TV Line reports that actor Hart Denton will be playing the role of Betty’s older half-brother Chic Cooper.

Yes, that is his actual name. Betty, Polly, and Chic — what a crew. Chic is assumed to be Betty’s half-brother because Alice never revealed who the father of her first child was, but fan theories think Chic’s dad could be Jughead’s dad FP Jones. Because literally nothing is off the table in the world of Riverdale, we’re inclined to believe this theory.

Dent doesn’t have many acting credits to his name just yet but based exclusively on his Instagram photos he’s got that broody, mysterious, Riverdale-ian charm down to a science.

Blessed be the fruit, amiright?

Last season Veronica Lodge had a moment where she wondered who Betty’s brother could be and joked that he must be a “blond Adonis.” Uhh, correct. Also, how insane would it be if Veronica ditched Archie and started dating Betty’s brother? Actually, not insane at all and probably exactly what will happen.

Naturally, the internet has feelings about this, many of the *thirst* variety. false false


Twitter users who had no idea he existed until this weekend are already proclaiming their love for him. And like, same.