Karen Belz
Updated Mar 27, 2017 @ 11:38 am

Congrats are definitely in order for Dr. Strange! It was just announced that Benedict Cumberbatch welcomed baby #2 with Sophie Hunter, and we’re so happy for the growing family. According to People, the baby arrived on March 3rd after being announced last October.

People is also reporting that the new baby, a boy, is named Hal Auden Cumberbatch. And speaking of names, they’ve also announced that Sophie has officially changed her last name to Cumberbatch during this big life change.

The couple got married back in 2015, and welcomed their first baby — Christopher “Kit” Carlton — that same year.

Cumberbatch has discussed the joys and excitement of fatherhood many, many times since.

We have no doubt about it that Cumberbatch is definitely a fun dad.

A few sources believe that Cumberbatch named his new son after a Shakespearean influence, but he hasn’t confirmed or denied this. (In fact, he should just be enjoying baby Hal out of the spotlight for a moment or two!)

Late last month, it was reported that Cumberbatch would be both the star and executive producer of The Patrick Melrose Novels, a miniseries about author Edward St. Aubyn. This is likely a dream project for Cumberbatch, who once stated that Aubyn would be the character he’d most like to play in life.

We can’t wait to see him back on screen. But in the meantime, if he wants to share a photo or two of his brand new baby, we wouldn’t complain.