Jordana Lipsitz
Updated Sep 14, 2016 @ 5:35 pm
Credit: Bella Thorne /

18-year-old Disney star Bella Thorne might have just been given her legal right to get tatted up without adult supervision just shy of a year ago, but she’s been making up for lost time ever since. Thorne has chronicled her many tattoos on Snapchat with a list that ranges from eyebrow tattoos, a heart on her shoulder, two BFF tattoos (from different BFFs), a matching sister tattoo, a tiny little car behind her ear, and cat whiskers on her index finger. True to form, she shared her newest body art on Snapchat, but this time the actress continued on with the feline trend by adding some new cat-themed ink the night of Tuesday, September 14th.

We first got a glimpse of Bella Thorne’s new tats from a pretty humorous angle. Her ability to snap a picture in that angle truly shows cat-like flexibility. She’s showing off her newly inked calves but because of the angle, the block text with one word per leg is upside down. However, if you look closely enough and use some common sense, you can tell that together, Thorne’s calves read, “WILD KITTY.”

Credit: Snapchat/bellathornedab

We’re so curious as to the meaning behind this new tattoo. What exactly does being a “wild kitty” mean? Is it a reference to being totally carefree and “wild” but also cute and cuddly like a widdle baby kitty-kat? Are we going to see more cat things in relation to Bella Thorne? According to IMDB, the actress has a bunch of work coming up, so maybe she just needs to remind herself that she is not just a working stiff — she’s a working stiff with some on-point body art. Only time will tell, for now, all we can do is anticipate Thorne’s next ink.