Madison Vanderberg
Updated August 31, 2017 11:19 am

If you want to slide into Cole Sprouse’s DMs, slide away, there’s no shame in the DM game. However, maybe check that you’re sliding into THE Cole Sprouse’s account and not a fan account for Mr. Sprouse.

Here’s what happened. Sprouse posted this photo on his Instagram. It’s a VERY GOOD Sprouse photo. We approve.

Thorne saw the photo and then messaged the photo to what she thought was Sprouse’s account:

She actually sent the photo to this fan account @csjbcole:

We aren’t sure what Instagram account is associated with this stan Twitter account, but that’s where she sent Cole’s photo. She accompanied the photo with the word, “Wow.”

The fan who runs the account realized that Thorne must have thought she was messaging the real Sprouse and posted the message to his Twitter account.

Apparently, Thorne deleted the message when she realized her error. We think it’s cute, and honestly, we don’t think Thorne minds. She has a habit of reaching out to people she thinks are cute on social media, anyway.

She Twitter flirted with Dove Cameron:

Also, Thorne and Sprouse know each other.

They starred together in a Danimals commercial back in the day.

Listen, ain’t nothing wrong in reaching out to an old Disney friend when they post a hot pic. But does Thorne not know about Sprouse’s maybe girlfriend and Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart?

Regardless, keep on DM-sliding Bella Thorne. We see you, girl.