bella thorne
Credit: Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Many of us were first introduced to the lovely Bella Thorne through the wildly popular Disney Channel show, Shake It Up! She has since tried to rebrand her image, and has landed coveted roles in upcoming films. Outside of her onscreen work, Bella’s established a strong social media presence. And a recent post on Bella’s Instagram shows a litter of dapper kittens and a call for adorable cat names!

We won’t keep you in suspense – feast your eyes on these darlings!

The kittens nestle comfortably in a gray blanket of white stars. One kitty looks drowsily into the camera. His or her pink nose is a perfect accent to the beautiful tan and white fur. Is it just us or do you also want to curl up on a warm blanket and take a mid-afternoon cat-nap?

With a whopping 15.3 million followers on Instagram, Bella Thorne has no shortage of fans. This picture alone received hundreds of thousands of likes very quickly.

Surely, one of these savvy admirers and cat enthusiasts can help her come up with the most purr-fect names.

The best name suggestions so far are definitely Cheeto, Juno, Crispy, Oliver, Waffles, and Buster.

We love that Bella may be adding some extra members to her family. She previously talked about her dedication to her loved ones. In a MTV podcast with host Josh Horowitz, Bella opened up about the motivation behind her Shake It Up! audition – a role she didn’t necessarily want to go for at the time. But she went for it since it would help out her family.

That’s rough, Bella! We’re so happy to see this beauty flourish – and with a bevy of nameless kittens no less!