Trilby Beresford
April 11, 2017 8:32 am

Even when everything is planned down to the tiny details, sometimes stuff happens — and it’s up to us to roll with the punches. We just heard that Bella Hadid had a wardrobe malfunction during her Love Magazine shoot, but everyone kept a sense of humor about it!

So here’s what went down: Hadid was modeling a pretty floral bra and panty set, when the straps loosened and OOPS — exposed one of her nipples! It was a little more revealed than Hadid expected to be, but she’s a professional, so really it was no big deal. Love Magazine posted the outtake on Insta (covering the nipple), and as you can see, Hadid looks unfazed.

And because Hadid is SUCH a seasoned pro, sometimes we forget that she’s only 20 and has only been modeling for a couple of years (she and Gigi’s mom Yolanda didn’t want them modeling until they turned 18).

Hey, remember when Gigi had a wardrobe malfunction at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Seriously, that special Hadid work ethic and professionalism should be bottled and sold to those who need a burst of inspo!

In the meantime, we’re getting our fix through her Insta pics.

As you can see in the caption, “5am call times” for work — no biggie.

Thanks for always keeping a cool head, Bella! We’re taking a page out of your book.

Happy Tuesday. Let’s crush it in style.