P. Claire Dodson
October 22, 2017 8:37 am
George Pimentel / Getty Images

Models, they’re just like us! Behati Prinsloo is expecting her second child with husband Adam Levine, and she’s indulging in some serious pregnancy cravings. Levine and Prinsloo welcomed a baby girl, Dusty Rose, last September. One year later, they announced baby #2.

Many pregnant women often crave unexpected combinations of tastes: the salty-sweet mix of pickles and ice cream. The salty-sour combo of potato chips and olives. And Prinsloo’s appetite is no different. The 28-year-old model has been posting pics of her latest food cravings on Snapchat, and they include some pretty yummy (but also sort of unexpected) items.

In one picture, Prinsloo is dipping Fatburger French fries into a delicious-looking milkshake. Both were given to her by Levine. That’s not too strange — we’ve been known to dip our fries in our milkshakes from time to time.

Behati Prinsloo / Snapchat

In another pic, we see that Prinsloo sprinkled spicy Tajin seasoning on…apple slices?

We’re not so sure about this one. But hey, to each her own, especially when you’re pregnant.

Behati Prinsloo / Snapchat

Prinsloo and Levine are really excited about baby #2.

A source told ET Online that the couple wants a large family.

We’re imagining a huge family of just ridiculously attractive people.

Earlier this year, Levine and Prinsloo celebrated their third wedding anniversary. They seem happy as ever — Levine recently got a “True Love” tattoo on his fingers in honor of his wife.

We’re rooting for this couple and can’t wait to gaze upon the Instagram perfection of their next baby. Dusty Rose, hope you’re ready to be a big sis to a lot of new siblings!