Jill Layton
February 07, 2017 12:08 pm
Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Fast Company

For many working parents, putting their kids to bed is the best part of their day. Not because it gets the kids off their backs (although, that’s probably part of it, too), but it gives everyone quality time together. Well, Hilary Duff is one of those moms who loves putting her son to bed, because it always turns into one big adorable giggle fest.

And there’s nothing cuter than a little kid rocking pajamas and giggling up a storm.

Duff took to Instagram on Monday night to share a little sneak peek into her life as mom. Four-year-old Luca seems to have a hard time going to sleep without getting all of his giggles out (which makes sense), so he and his mom have a ritual to make sure that happens.

Apparently Duff throws Luca onto her bed as the dog looks on. The goal is clearly to use up some of his energy to get him nice and sleepy. We’re not exactly sure if the technique works, but we’re definitely sure that it’s ridiculously adorable.

“Nightly get the giggles out….” Duff captioned the Boomerang video. 

Based on all the Instagram posts Duff shares of her son, it seems like he’s a typical four-year-old with tons of energy.

So the whole “get the giggles out” thing is probably super necessary.

At least Luca gets to work off some of his little kid energy by doing awesome things like playing the piano with his feet, Big style.

And not surprisingly, he’s a very well-dressed little ball of energy.

With a cool backpack.

And his very own Lazy Boy-esque comfy chair.

Their mama/son relationship is so sweet!