Hot girl summer vibes, for sure.

Emily Weaver
Apr 01, 2021 @ 12:27 pm
Barbie Ferreira
Credit: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Another day, another glamorous celebrity haircut! Barbie Ferreira is always one step ahead of the hottest hairstyle trends (remember when she rocked a mullet?) so, we weren't too surprised to see her bid farewell to her curtain bangs now that everyone else (Olivia Rodrigo, Elizabeth Olsen, need we list more?) has jumped on the curtain bang ship, too. The Euphoria actress and beauty icon made her grand reveal on TikTok on March 30th and we're *so* digging it. 

In a TikTok video—because, of course—Ferreira is finessing with her outgrown shoulder-length hair, which was tousled with long layers, then brings the camera to her forehead to tap to her new cut: a sleek, blunt bob. It appears Ferreira kept her natural dark hair color from style A to style B. Set to the backdrop of B.o.B's "Out of My Mind" featuring Nicki Minaj, Ferreira is basking in hot girl summer vibes.

As the temperature warms up and we get closer and closer to summer, we're betting we'll see a lot more chopped bobs similar to Ferreira's. However, Euphoria fans are highly convinced this major hair change wasn't a spontaneous idea, but rather Ferreira prepping for the return of her character, Kat Hernandez, on HBO's hit series. All signs point to yes, as Deadline confirmed season two would begin filming in the first half of 2021. Either way, we love what Ferreira's done with her hair and can't wait for a little behind-the-scenes action from the Euphoria set, too.

So who's next on the list of bob haircuts? We can't wait to find out...