Becca Rose
December 03, 2017 3:16 pm

Rihanna has had quite the year. But let’s be real, every year is her year! To close out 2017, though, Rihanna got a street named after her in Barbados where she was raised. Riri grew up on Westbury New Road, and now that street has officially been renamed Rihanna Drive. Because our girl is a queen and deserves everything named after her. Recently, she went to the ceremony in her honor and even gave a speech. It seems like she’s always been connected to her home, even after she became a star. It makes sense that she would take the time to attend in person and let everyone know how special the event was for her.

With the release of her makeup line Fenty Beauty this year, Rihanna’s already been having wins left and right. (Like, have you seen her new Fenty holiday collection? Enough said.) It’s only fitting that she caps off the year with a street namesake and an event back in her home that honors her for her many achievements. Riri lived there until she was sixteen and began her music career, but she’s always remained true to her roots. Now, she has an official recognition of her presence there. Wearing an amazing yellow gown to the event, she gave a heartfelt speech about the importance of her home town in her life.

Rihanna referenced the power of dreams and thanked her family and her country for their support.

Yep. We’re obsessed with her, basically. And now we’re planning a visit to Rihanna Drive, too.