obama broadway
Credit: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

In adorable dad and daughter news, Barack Obama took Malia to a Broadway show! Barack just returned from a very well-deserved vacation. However, the fun hasn’t stopped! Yesterday, he treated his eldest daughter Malia to dinner and a show! The two went out to an Italian restaurant, and after that they saw The Price! This is seriously the best dad-daughter hang out we can imagine!

In case you were wondering, it was just as cute as it sounds!

They got dinner at Emilio’s Ballato in SoHo! This restaurant is known for its awesome Italian food, and its great celebrity sightings! They look so adorable just sitting down and enjoying a meal! It’s been eight years of running around and working for the Obamas, so we love to see them unwinding.

It’s wonderful to see them relaxing as a dad and daughter!

Of course, the whole staff had to take a picture!

Who can blame them? It must be such an honor to have the Obamas dine at your restaurant!

In addition to their meal, they hit Broadway and caught Arthur Miller’s The Price! The play stars Danny DeVito and Mark Ruffalo, but the audience was awestruck by the Obamas! As a result, there were some great Twitter reactions!


After the show they, of course, had to take a picture with the cast!

After that, who knows? Presumably they left to practice their high fives or doing something equally cool and awesome!

obama broadway
Credit: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

We’re pretty excited for this new era of Obama being a private citizen! Especially if it means we’ll see more of hanging out in NYC with his family! We’re looking forward to seeing more of the Obamas relaxing and having a good time in public! Preferably on Instagram where we all can see!