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We’re really going to miss President Obama. Last night, he showed up to Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the election, and life in general. And it’s obvious that he still has an incredible sense of humor. This is a guy who you can respect, and also get a beer with.

Of course, he was back for another installment of Mean Tweets. It’s fantastic that Obama can get so into it, since some of the things he read are just… well, a little cruel.


Here’s the full segment:

Other good ones?

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And then, well… there was this one.

Credit: ABC

His response? Absolutely incredible.

While it’s a bummer that Obama gets mean tweets in the first place, it’ll be sad to know that we likely won’t see a third installment of the segment. Obama, even when you’re out of the White House, feel free to stop by late night shows any time!