Karen Belz
Updated Sep 27, 2017 @ 10:12 am
Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

While he lead our country in an incredible way, that doesn’t mean he’s afraid to let his real emotions shine through. Barack Obama cried after bringing Malia to Harvard, and we can just imagine how powerful the moment must have been. Even though Malia decided to take a gap year, thus buying some time for her proud parents to prepare, it’s still wonderfully emotional to watch your kids take such important steps forward.

Malia is staying at a dorm, and as you can imagine, the whole campus was waiting patiently for her arrival.

Just imagine sharing a classroom with someone so influential.

While Barack and Michelle Obama are likely thrilled that their daughter is attending such an incredible school, it doesn’t mean that a little bit of sadness isn’t there.

The moment sounds incredibly touching, and those of us with kids can probably relate. Still, we love the fact that he was proud that he kept it together in front of her.

We hope that Malia has an incredible first semester. And we hope that when it’s Sasha’s turn, Obama remembers that it’s totally okay to cry.