Fundraiser Event Held For Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign In Manhattan
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Last night, there was an amazing fundraiser for Hillary Clinton that brought out some of the biggest names in entertainment. The event was called “Broadway for Hillary” and it wasn’t just famous folks from Broadway that came out in droves to support the candidate. Incredible performers from all over performed, spoke, and raised funds for Clinton’s campaign.

Just a few of the biggest names to make an appearance at the event were: Julia Roberts, Helen Mirren, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Lena Dunham, Uzo Aduba, Hugh Jackman, Billy Crystal, Neil Patrick Harris, and Anne Hathaway.

And that’s just a *handful* of the major entertainers who made an appearance.

When this level of talent gets together, you know there are going to be some pretty spectacular results.

The event was live-streamed for Clinton supporters to enjoy at home. And if you were lucky enough to catch it, it sounds like you witnessed a pretty spectacular show.

Since it was technically a Broadway event, it only seems appropriate that there were tons of awesome songs performed in between the highly-inspirational speeches and performances.

Bernadette Peters sang a rendition of “Children Will Listen” from Into the Woods and everybody melted with joy.

Oh, and she and Josh Groban shared a dressing room because of course they did.

Despite the fact that he’s a masterful wordsmith, Lin-Manuel Miranda used only emojis to describe the event afterwards.

During the event, he used his vocabulary prowess to create an election-themed spinoff on the “Ten Duel Commandments” from Hamilton that he and Renée Elise Goldsberry performed with perfection. false

According to Deadline, Billy Crystal was the emcee and was able to keep everything moving smoothly throughout the entire 2 hour and 15 minute event. From the looks of all the ridiculously sweet pictures and videos on social media, it was one of the most epic election events ever.