Jen Juneau
Updated Mar 15, 2017 @ 5:43 pm

Going to the airport is usually not something anyone would cop to finding “exciting,” but if a Spice Girl was our airline attendant, we’d be cashing in all our frequent flyer miles ASAP.

Such was the case with Emma Bunton, a.k.a. Baby Spice, when she showed up to the Heathrow T5 terminal on Tuesday to prank passengers by dressing up as a British Airways attendant and interacting with them using Spice Girls song lyrics.

“Little bit closer baby, get it on, get it on,” she tells one man — lyrics from the Spice Girls’ hit song “2 Become 1” — in an effort to encourage him to lean into a camera set up for the prank.

Credit: British Airways /

She then follows it up with “Thank you very much,” which most people would brush off but real fans know is totally a nod to the group’s song “Stop.”

The “prank” (which, let’s be real, hardly counts as a prank if the prankee is being gifted a beautiful experience like this) was to benefit Red Nose Day — the same U.K. charity fundraising event behind Red Nose Day Actually.

We need to pause and admire Emma’s outfit for a second, though. How chic is she? Even if she never actually works for an airline, she could totally model for one.

“Shake it to the left, and then shake it to the right,” she tells the same guy, who, by the way, is totally oblivious that he is in the presence of a pop legend, but is a good sport about the weird instructions.

One woman gets the full inquisition from Emma, who straight-up asks her if she owned any Spice Girls CDs. The woman says she has some at home and admits that her favorite Spice Girl was “the sporty one.”

“The sporty one? Oh, okay, really…are you sure about that?” Emma jokes, totally poker-faced.

Credit: British Airways /

The maybe-a-little-uncomfortable-at-this-point passenger does admit that “the blonde one” was her second favorite, which Emma is a little more receptive to but still doesn’t seem quite convinced about.

Another great moment? Quoting “Wannabe” to a guy: “I just had a row with my friend. I said, ‘If you want my future, you have to forget my past. And if you want to get with me, then you have to make it last.’ But they weren’t very happy about that.”

We are LOLing for days, and so jealous we weren’t screened by Baby Spice. But it might not have been as funny, since we would’ve just freaked out and sang along.

Check out the full video above if you want to spice up your life, and join us in counting down the days (nine!) until Red Nose Day is finally upon us.