Karen Belz
Updated October 18, 2017
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Well, now we’re hungry. In an adorable photo shared by John Legend, baby Luna is eating ribs by a tiny piano. It turns out that it’s not just because ribs are delicious and reportedly one of Legend’s favorite meals — it’s because she’s helping take part in a photo shoot for mom Chrissy Teigen’s newest cookbook, Cravings 2.

Teigen released the first Cravings cookbook back in 2016, and it was met with rave reviews. Not only did fans love the recipes she included, but they dug the fact that it was approachable and funny, much like the vibe Teigen gives off herself.

So it makes sense that a second book is on its way. And that’s good news for Luna, since she got to help.

Those photos just join the many other adorable pictures of Luna chowing down. We’ve got a feeling she might take after her mom and be a darn good chef herself some day.

Back in April, Refinery29 talked to Teigen about plans for her sequel. She said that while she’s been brainstorming ideas since the release of the first book, she had paused on working on the project to deal with her health and postpartum life.

Around that time, Teigen also gave fans a sneak peek of what they might expect from Cravings 2.

We were interested in pre-ordering after the rib photos, but that video is inspiring us to buy copies for everyone we love.