Angelica Florio
February 26, 2017 8:23 pm

Ava DuVernay is one of the most badass players in Hollywood. Although her documentary, 13th, didn’t win the award for Best Documentary Feature, her efforts to educate the public about unjust mass incarcerations of black people are not insignificant. Everything the director does, from Selma to A Wrinkle in Time, illustrates the power of representation and celebrates diversity. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the talented filmmaker used the 2017 Oscars as an opportunity to elevate the talent of a Middle Eastern designer. DuVernay posted a picture of her dress which was designed by Beirut-based designer, Ashi Studio.

Her caption reads,

The population of Beirut, Lebanon is close to 50% Muslim. Given that the U.S. is facing record incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes today, DuVernay evidently wanted to show that she values and supports Muslims and it’s not a big surprise seeing as she is a humanitarian powerhouse.

And oh yeah, she looks frickin’ amazing in that gorgeous gown!

Clearly social justice and racial inequality were on DuVernay’s mind on Oscars day (you don’t get nominated for Best Documentary by forgetting about the world’s issues even on an exciting day of celebration), as she posted another heartfelt Tweet in remembrance of Trayvon Martin on the anniversary of his death.

Her caption for the photo in which she symbolically holds up a hoodie with Trayvon’s name says,

Living in a country whose burdens include a threat of a Muslim ban, police brutality, and a constitutional amendment which permits mass-incarceration of black people isn’t always (okay ever) easy. DuVernay’s attempts to balance celebration with integrity are incredibly inspiring, and we feel lucky to have her.