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Former star of The Hills Audrina Patridge has one absolutely adorable baby. Daughter Kirra Max is already around 12-weeks old, and is sweeter than ever. However, Patridge was quick to open up about the rough parts of motherhood. No, it’s not the pregnancy. And nope, it wasn’t the C-section she had, either — it’s the breastfeeding.

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While that might have been the most painful, it might not have been the most inconvenient. Since, oh yes — motherhood makes everything change.

(Hey, I’m sure her grandmother didn’t mind spending time with Patridge and little Kirra one bit.)

Patridge gave birth to baby Kirra on June 24th. Kirra’s father is Patridge’s fiancé, Corey Bohan. Patridge announced her pregnancy about three months before Kirra was born.

It seems like Patridge is truly embracing motherhood like a champ! (Even the really tough parts.)