Madison Vanderberg
August 01, 2017 12:02 pm

Aubrey Plaza is a “type.” When you think of her, you think deadpan, funny, strange, monotone, etc. You think of her character April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation, basically. Her on-screen vibe is hilarious and specific and that’s why we love her, but Plaza admits that when she’s out in public, fans expect her to behave a certain way.

Basically, they want her to be weird.

Fans expect this:

Plaza understands why people expect something of her based on the roles she chooses, but she also seems a tiny bit over it. She calls it the “Aubrey Plaza thing.”

However, her onscreen persona has helped her from time to time. She’ll embrace the “Aubrey Plaza thing” if she needs to.

“Sometimes when I’m in an uncomfortable situation, when I’m on talk shows or stuff like that, it’s just an easy defense mechanism for me to kind of slip into that persona,” she adds.

We love Aubrey’s characters, but we would totally understand her wanting to just be her true, authentic self in public. So next time you see Aubrey Plaza around, maybe just start with, “Hi, how are you?”