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Between the ultra stylish Shay Mitchell and the perfectly ~edgy~ Ashley Benson, there’s more than enough epic fashion to go around, and we’re all too happy to take the stunning duo’s advice. So when we saw the latest shot from their Italy trip, we knew we had to figure out how to get the look ASAP.

Like, how freakin’ cute do they look?!

They seriously look so stellar, as always! We’re so into the slipdress with converse, and Shay is constantly on trend. Like, for real, guys, they’ve been perfection since birth. Thanks for all the #StyleGoals, you rad duo.

Shay captioned the photo,

The only thing we love almost as much as their friendship is their style.

Get Ashley’s look!

1. This rose gold slipdress.

Credit: ASOS

Rose gold everything.

Get it for $45.

2. This longer version.

Credit: Nordstrom

So cozy, and so beautiful.

Get it for $115.

3. This retro option.

Credit: Topshop

So sleek!

Get it for $92.

And get Shay’s, too!

1. This red version.

Credit: Nasty Gal

Totally chic!

Get the bottoms for $48, and the top for $48!

2. This adorable romper.

Credit: Forever 21


Get it for $17.

3. This cozy look.

Credit: ASOS

Playful AF.

Get it for $25.