Zara H
Updated Dec 06, 2017 @ 2:34 pm

If there’s one person we think of when we hear the terms It Girl, modern-day model, or industry icon, it’s Ashley Graham. Graham’s recent photo shoot with Vogue Italia is all kinds of goals, and we’re once again reminded of why she’s taking a notoriously difficult industry by storm.

The supermodel is without doubt one of the most gorgeous women in the world — not just because of how she looks, but also because she’s a confident, ambitious, status quo-challenging badass. So it wasn’t surprising to see her looking beautiful in the glossy, but it was even more refreshing to learn the photos were unretouched.

How do we know this for sure? Graham captioned one of her photos on Instagram, writing, “when they don’t retouch you.” There’s nothing more awesome than a woman who is so comfortable in her own skin and adamant about presenting herself without any unnecessary editing. And in a world of filters, Facetune, and Photoshop, Graham’s refusal to play along is refreshing.

But while the conversation around retouching editorial shots is relatively new, the images themselves are classic. At first glance, Graham looks like a spitting image of Sophia Loren or Raquel Welch. It’s a true pinup shot, and we can’t get enough.

Graham is arguably the most aspirational model out there. She’s not just a living embodiment of changing beauty standards in the fashion industry, she’s also someone who takes charge of her own career. In these photos, she’s throwing it back to the days of Old Hollywood glam with her heavy eyeliner, leopard print bodysuit, and undone updo.

She can do it all.

So let’s give it up for Graham for proving that you don’t need to be edited or smoothed or shaped to be stunning. She shows us, time and time again, that you can play by your own rules and still make magic happen.