ashley graham
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Model and soon-to-be mom Ashley Graham has never kept her opinions to herself, so it’s not entirely surprising that when she opened up to Vogue about being pregnant, she didn’t hesitate to bring up the topic of sex. In her interview (she snagged one of the four January covers), she told the magazine that she asked her friends all about their experiences with sex while pregnant to get ideas and share her own suggestions.

Graham spoke about how different sex while pregnant was from what she was used to. She told Vogue that she knew it was normal for a person’s sex drive to change, but she never really gave any thought to how sex itself would change after she started to grow.

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She explained that talking about sex during pregnancy should be normal, not something to be embarrassed about. All it takes is a talk, she said.

Graham’s lucky. She’s got plenty of friends who’ve helped her, including pals Amy Schumer and Serena Williams. She says that moms are generally very open to helping one another and that her stylist, Jordan Foster, told her to seek out pregnant women to befriend.

Schumer and Williams told Vogue that they were happy to offer up advice, including things that they wished they knew themselves.

“I text her anything that rolls off my mind,” Williams said. “I was one of those people who wanted to know every ugly detail of what happens…down there…what happens everywhere. Like, why are my nipples so big a week into being pregnant? This makes no sense; the baby doesn’t need to eat yet. I wanted to know every single thing, and I still love talking about it.”

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