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We adore when celebrities get asked tough questions, and give honest answers. In this little segment for Glamour magazine, Ariel Winter plays “Love It Or Leave It,” where she’s asked her opinion on a few different topics. Some are controversial, some are intriguing, and others are just plain goofy.

Of course, we know Winter best from her role as Alex Dunphy in Modern Family. But, she’s got some other projects in the works, including a film called Dog Years, about the true yet traumatic journey of an aging movie star. Currently in post-production, she stars alongside Burt Reynolds. It’s sure to be a must-see.

She’s also become quite the fashion icon recently. So, her participation with Glamour makes even more sense.

Watch and see how Ariel Winter feels about love, and the self-check line at the grocery store:

One of Ariel’s most interesting responses happens at the very beginning, when she’s asked if she loves (or want to leave) singlehood.

While she “confirmed” she was single a few months ago on Twitter, her most recent photos definitely tell another story.

(We do hope that Winter and Levi Meaden, pictured above, definitely keep their connection going throughout 2017!)

Another one of her loves? Having no chill. Hey, at least she’s quick to acknowledge it. (To be honest, that’s one of the reasons why we like her so much.)

We look forward to more of Glamour‘s amazing “Love It Or Leave It” segments, as well as the remainder of Modern Family‘s eighth season, which airs on Wednesdays on ABC.